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March 2018
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Ottawa Humane Society

Changing the Lives of Ottawa's Animals on World Spay Day

On Feb. 27, the Ottawa Humane Society celebrated World Spay Day by spaying or neutering 42 homeless cats, dogs and rabbits in the OHS clinic.

Kicking off the day before 9 a.m., five volunteers and 11 staff members spent the day helping our community’s homeless cats, dogs and rabbits, strengthening bonds with our partners to make a difference. Staff and volunteers spayed or neutered 25 cats, 13 dogs and four rabbits, from partner organizations Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue, Sit With Me Dog Rescue and New Moon Rabbit Rescue, recognizing that only when we all work together can we truly change the future for Ottawa’s animals.

Thank you for helping to stop the suffering of countless generations of unwanted animals. We couldn’t do it without you.

Click here to see a video of World Spay Day at the OHS.

spay day

Charges Stayed in Southwestern Ontario Dog Fighting Case

dog fighting
Dogs that have been bred, conditioned and trained to fight lead a horrifying existence. Photo: Ernest Doroszuk / Toronto Sun.

Quite remarkably, a staggering 67 counts of animal cruelty and weapons charges against John Jacob Robert and Michel Conrad Paul Gagnon were stayed last month. The two men concerned, accused of running a dogfighting ring in southwestern Ontario, had their charges stayed due to an unreasonable delay in court proceedings and an application alleging a breach of their respective charter rights; specifically, to a trial within a reasonable time frame.

Needless to say, the Ottawa Humane Society stands with those who also wish for justice.

Ever more frequently our attention is being drawn to the despicable existence of dogfighting. There really is no way to skirt around the inhumanity of this so-called sport. It is, quite simply, barbaric.

Dogs that have been bred, conditioned, and trained to fight are placed in a pit to fight each other for the spectators’ entertainment and, of course, for financial gain. These dogs have a miserable upbringing that consists of abuse and mistreatment from puppyhood.

A typical dogfight will last one to two hours, ending only when one of the dogs is unable to continue. The injuries that these poor animals sustain are most often severe and fatal.

Some suggestions to make a difference:

Together, we can really make a difference!


Tucker is Recovering But Still Needs Your Help

Last month we introduced you to Tucker, a four-month-old Shepherd-mix, who was brought to the Ottawa Humane Society in excruciating pain after he had been hit by a car and broken two of his legs.

For the past month, Tucker has been under strict crate rest. He's been spending his nights in foster care and his days at the OHS.

Tucker was neutered at the OHS clinic and had X-rays done on Feb 28. His bones are healing well and he now no longer needs to wear casts! The vet placed support wraps on his legs and he'll need another week of crate rest. Thanks to you, we've been able to provide Tucker with the life-saving care he needed so far, but Tucker still needs your help to heal.

Please click here to see a video of the care Tucker has been receiving and to help him heal.  


Hoppy Easter at the OHS


Hip hop your way to the shelter for some free family fun on Saturday, March 24 from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Easter-themed activities and treats will include:

  • Easter Bunny visits and photos;
  • OHS Auxiliary craft and bake sale;
  • Critter Crafters craft sale;
  • Easter-themed crafts and activities;
  • Cupcake decorating.

For more information about this event, please contact our supervisor: programs by email at: programs@ottawahumane.ca or by phone at 613-725-3166, ext. 298.

National Cupcake Day


We want to send out a HUGE thank you to those that baked, sold or bought cupcakes for this year’s National Cupcake Day! Together YOU helped make Feb. 26 the sweetest day of the year for Ottawa’s animals.

Donations help rehabilitate, reunite and rehome the nearly 10,000 animals we see every year. On behalf of everyone at the OHS, both furry and human, thank YOU for baking a difference.

You can still submit your donations at here or drop them off at the Adoption Centre.

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Hoppy Easter Event at the OHS 11 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Auxiliary Garage Sale at the OHS 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

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