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July 2018

The Circus is in Town…and the Elephant has Left the Ring Thanks to YOU!

The cruel exploitation of wild animals as part of circus acts has finally fallen the way of Siamese twins and the bearded lady. There will be no more abuse and humiliation of lions and tigers and bears all because you went to bat for them. Some of you did this by joining protests when the circus came to town, speaking out loudly against the use of the whip and bull-hook as “training tools” on elephants.  Many of you just didn’t buy tickets. The powers that be felt the pinch and heard you loud and clear.

The renowned Ringling Brothers Circus was the first to read the writing on the wall - stating a “mood shift among consumers and declining ticket sales due to an increasingly sensitized and informed public staying away in droves.” The Royal Canadian Circus is also now elephant-free after being called out for keeping elephants chained and forced to perform under punishment.  It is now billed as a “family-oriented, family priced acrobatic/thrill show showcasing a parade of circus families from around the world”. A recent search to buy tickets to the Ottawa Shrine Circus also indicated a family-oriented circus free of wild animals.  In fact, according to PETA, no circus in Canada is traveling with wild animals this year.

The OHS has long been opposed to captive wild animals in entertainment and has lobbied tirelessly to ban circuses and other wild animals in circuses and other shows. We must ride the wave of this spectacular sea-change in humane thinking and let it buoy our continued commitment to boycott any “entertainment” – rodeos and bull-riding included- that hurt and humiliate animals.

YES!!! …to NO Make-up Testing on Animals!

After 29 long months of sustained lobbying and critical public pressure, the Senate has voted yes on the Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act!

This Bill would prohibit animal testing of cosmetics in Canada and the sale of cosmetics that have undergone new animal testing after the ban comes into effect. When Bill S-214 passes this legislation will bring Canada in line with much of the developed world in saying a clear no to cruel cosmetic testing.

Testimony from key experts, including Humane Canada, helped Bill S-214 reach the critical half-way point in becoming law and  it will be headed to the House of Commons this fall.

The strong leadership of Senator Carolyn Stewart-Olsen and Senator Yuen Pau Woo have been key to advancing the welfare of animals in Canada. Indeed this is a victory, but the fight is far from over. The Bill will move to the House of Commons in the fall.

Ottawa Humane Society Staff in Humane Accreditation Program

OHS Executive Director Bruce Roney and Director of Operations, Sharon Miko are among the animal welfare professionals working with Humane Canada to develop a new accreditation program for humane societies and SPCAs in Canada.

The goal of the program is to strengthen and professionalize the animal welfare sector in Canada. Many animal welfare organizations have been struggling as humane issues become more important to the Canadian public and they are continually asked to do more to help animals. Accreditation will help organizations ensure that their work meets acceptable standards and sound practices both in animal care and as well-managed not-for profits.

Standards will cover everything from how organizations are governed to how cages are cleaned. Accredited organizations will be regularly inspected to ensure ongoing compliance with standards. The accreditation program is expected to launch in spring 2019.
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Buddy & Belle: Luna

When this playful four-month-old pup arrived at the Ottawa Humane Society, it was clear that she was in a lot of pain. Her sad cries and limping gait pointed right away to a broken leg: X-rays revealed that Luna’s hind left leg was broken, with an injury called a “tibial tuberosity avulsion fracture”. This is a fancy medical term to describe a type of leg break at the knee, which usually occurs in younger dogs.

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Help Me Help the Animals!

Paisley here – the 2018 Wiggle Waggle Walk & Run spokesdog! I need YOU to join me on Sunday, September 9 to walk, run and raise funds for Ottawa’s animals.  

It’s time to dust off those sneakers, grab those leashes and run for a reason! Sign-up as an individual or gather your family, friends and co-workers to create a team. All team captains who sign up 5 people or more, will receive a special token of our appreciation. 

Don’t delay, register today! »

Sadie Mae update – July 3, 2018

Sandy beaches, naps, and new friends! Sadie Mae – the sweet beagle that arrived at the OHS late last year after being shot in the face – is enjoying the happily-ever-after you made possible.

Her new family has sent photos of this sweet senior beagle-mix enjoying “the good life” which includes time at the cottage, comfortable naps, and making new doggy friends. Sadie Mae’s family notes she is very smart, learning tricks (and trouble!) from the other dogs.

She now has many nicknames, including:
Cuddly Mae (snuggling with new friends)
Shady Mae (when she is being sneaky)
Silly Mae (when she is being playful)
Farty Mae (“phwef at bedtime”)

Medically, Sadie Mae is in great health: blood and urine tests show her kidney condition is being managed with a special diet and medication.  There is also no sign of cancer - which is excellent news!

Her new family sums it up best: “Thanks to all of you for your selfless giving and the love my sweet fur girl has received. This love has reshaped her from her tragic situation and she has neither a sad nor mad bone in her wee reborn self. Thanks to all of you that cared for her and love her from afar!”

 sadie mae


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