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Ring in 2018 With Happy Adoption Tails From the OHS!
At the OHS, we’re lucky to see thousands of dogs, cats and small animals happily matched with new forever families every year. We especially enjoy getting updates on these happily-ever-afters from forever families, reminding us of why we love the work we do. Please enjoy a few of the many updates we received in 2017.


"I just wanted to thank the OHS and all it's amazing staff for taking care of Jade before she found her forever home. She is the light of our life, we absolutely adore her. We knew that adopting any dog would come with challenges — but she's an angel! She loves everyone she meets, she's getting better everyday on our long walks, and she has my husband and I wrapped around her little toe.

No destruction, no messes, no trouble. She's cheeky, and I know she's sleeping on my bed when I'm away at work (those covers didn't mess themselves up). And we know that we will run into trouble every once and a while, but she's worth it and we'll take it in stride.

She is spilling with love, and we are so thankful for her. We're teaching her how to play, how to walk nice, and how to be more confident in herself. She is teaching us appreciation, patience, and has expanded our hearts more than we could have ever imagined. Thank you for helping us find our best friend. She is so loved."


"He's such a sweet guy! We first saw him before christmas, and our hearts broke for him when he was still there in late January! After being adopted (during temporary separation from his future siblings) he slept deeply with relief, and spent most of the time in his new surroundings napping.

When we got him to relax and chase toys, we all cried at his genuine joy. He didn't know how to drink water when we first took him in, but after watching our other cats once they were introduced, he figured it out. In return, he taught them better ways of wrestling, and they play together (non-aggressively) often. They all love to chase toys around.

He loves to be picked up and just purrs in my arms, and he prefers snuggles with his hoomans or his brothers. He seems to think he is our guardian and we love our silly leonine protector. I feel blessed every day that I get to snuggle this mellow, happy cat.

Thank you for introducing us!"


"Juno is an absolute sweetheart and has already settled in. He is the calmest, sweetest boy and is loved and spoiled already! Our super happy bunny. Best thing we ever did was bring him home...and I think he agrees."

Buddy & Belle: Smokey

This sweet kitten was brought to the Ottawa Humane Society in critical condition. He had suffered a painful injury to his leg, at least a week or more before his arrival. Help Smokey heal.


"This is Cosmo, formerly Cinder, who my boyfriend and I adopted in January. He had just had surgery to remove part of his ear due to frostbite. We just wanted to let you know that six months later he is doing great, and is growing into a big, handsome, loving boy. Thank you so much for all the work you do!!!"



"Bella is fitting right in, she has become a big part of our extended family. Lots of visits family and friends. Bella is such a sweet girl we love her to bits."

National Cupcake Day
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Warm Hearts Raffle


Tickets for the Ottawa Humane Society’s 2018 Warm Hearts Raffle are available now! To purchase your ticket please call 613-725-3166 ext. 238, visit us in the OHS Buddy & Belle Boutique, or fill out our ticket order form.

Want Your Own Happy Tail?

If you’d like to share your happy adoption story, please do so at Facebook.com/OttawaHumane or send us an email.

Important Animal Welfare Update

City of Ottawa Bylaw Services will be transporting injured domestic pets and wildlife effective January 5, 2017, rather than OHS. This change will cut down on the confusion in our community we saw this past year about who to call if an animal needs emergency transportation to the OHS. Here’s who to call to get help for an animal in need.

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