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June 2017
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Ottawa Humane Society

Blurring the Line

mobile clinicTraditionally, the OHS and most, if not all, humane societies  had a pretty deep "line in the sand" between "owned" animals and those that were homeless. That is, our message to owners was that you are responsible for your pet — period. About fifteen years ago, we started to relax some of our views. Read more on the OHS blog.

What Should You Do If You See a Dog in a Hot Car

dog in carYou may have read posts circulating on social media that falsely advise citizens can avoid criminal charges if they follow specific steps in rescuing dogs from hot cars.

What should you do if you see a dog in a hot car? First and foremost, remain calm. Then T.A.N.

Take information. Note the make, model and licence plate number of the car, the exact location of the car and description of the dog: breed, colour, size etc. Remember that windows cracked open do not significantly reduce the internal temperature of a car.

Assess the situation. How long have you been present while the dog has been in the car? Is the dog in distress? Signs of heat distress include excessive panting with the tongue fully extended, stumbling, glazed eyes, disorientation, hiding in the foot well (which is the “coolest” place in a vehicle), convulsions/seizuring, and ultimately coma and death.

Notify authorities. Contact nearby stores and businesses. Ask them to make an announcement for the owner to return to their car. Get others to help you. If the dog is in distress call the Ottawa Police Service at 911. Stay on the scene to monitor the situation until the owner or help arrives.

The Ooos and Awws of Kitten Season

They are cute, fluffy, precious little beings that melt our hearts and become extended members of our family. The thought of 800 kittens is almost too much cuteness for one to imagine — but that’s how many we will likely see here at the OHS over the summer and early fall months. From litters of unwanted and orphaned kittens to nursing moms — and don’t forget about our older felines friends and special needs cats — you can help more than 800 kitties this “kitten season” by becoming a Purrfect Pairing virtual foster. kitten season

Buddy & Belle: Chico


Rushed to an overnight emergency clinic in the OHS ambulance, after falling off a balcony, the diagnosis was grim: this two-year-old cat likely had internal injuries and a suspected pelvic bone fracture. Read Chico's story and help him heal.

2018 Calendar Contest

calendar contest

There's still time to join the Ottawa Humane Society in creating a calendar spotlighting your furry friends and marking the ways people (like you!) have supported shelter, medical treatment and enrichment for animals in our care. Don't wait, enter your pet(s) today! 

Join Us at the OHS Garden Party!

garden party

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June 3
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OHS Auxiliary Garage Sale (9 a.m. – 12 p.m. at 59 Larkin Drive)

 Garden Party  6 to 9 p.m. at Lansdowne Park
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