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July 2017
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Help End Bull Riding Events in Ottawa


In June, we asked our community to boycott the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) Monster Energy Tour. Bull riding events are abusive, cruel and stressful to the animals and have no place in our community.

We’d also asked supporters to sign our petition asking for the city to ban bull riding events in Ottawa in the future. Two thousand people signed the petition, which has been sent to the City of Ottawa.

Though the event is over, the OHS is not going to simply drop the issue. We are continuing to ask our community to boycott bull riding events. We’re spreading the word through social media, the media and our website. We’re asking event sponsors to discontinue their support of bull riding events. We’re also continuing to push municipal officials to have bull riding banned from Ottawa.

How can you make a difference?

  • Don’t go to bull riding events.
  • Send letters to provincial and city officials to let them know that bull riding events aren’t welcome in our community.
  • Contact event sponsors to tell them you won’t buy their products if they continue supporting bull riding events.
  • Spread the word to friends and family that these types of events are not welcome in our community.

Thank you for helping to make our community a more humane one for everybody.

The Safest Place For A Cat is Indoors

The outdoors can be a dangerous place for cats. Every year, the OHS sees hundreds of cats who face unnecessary suffering because they’ve been left to roam outside.

Here are just a few examples that the OHS has seen so far this summer:

Dave, a three-year-old stray tabby arrived at the OHS with a large, infected wound on his neck. The veterinarian estimated Dave had been suffering for several days. He had surgery for his wound and he’s now recovering at the OHS. dave
Ozzy, a two-year-old stray, arrived at the shelter with scratches all over his head and neck and a puncture wound at the base of his left ear, likely the result of getting into a fight with another animal. Staff cleaned him up and after spending a week healing at the OHS, he was neutered and is ready to find his forever home. ozzy
This one-year-old calico came to the OHS with a broken jaw after she was hit by a car. She underwent surgery to repair her injury. She is now waiting for a foster home to recover in before she'll be ready to find a new home.

All three of these tragedies could have been prevented if these cats were not left outside to roam.

What can you do to help?

Follow our tips for keeping indoor cats happy and healthy, or pass them on to your friends and neighbours. You can also donate to the care of the many cats and kittens that will receive need our help this summer.

OHS Saves Fawn in Distress 


Last month, a Good Samaritan stumbled upon a baby deer all alone on a path near his home. There was no mother in sight and the fawn’s head was at a strange angle, almost parallel to its body. He didn’t want to leave the fawn alone, so he brought it home and called the OHS for help.

An OHS agent picked up the distressed fawn and brought her back to the OHS. Once at the OHS, the officer and veterinary technicians made the fawn comfortable and kept her warm with blankets. The fawn, only a few days old, could barely walk. She didn’t appear to be injured, so vet techs gave her fluids and put her in a dark room to keep her calm until she could be transferred to a wildlife rehabilitation partner.

By the time the fawn left the OHS the next morning she was much more bright and alert.

How can you tell if a baby animal needs your help or should be left alone? Check out our website for more information.  

Buddy & Belle: Seeta


Poor Seeta! This sweet, seven-year-old Chihuahua arrived at the OHS in May. Right away, staff could see there was a problem with her leg: she was limping!

Read Seeta’s story and make a donation to help her heal.

2018 Calendar Contest

There's still time to enter your pet in the OHS 2018 Calendar Contest!

Hurry – the contest closes on Friday, July 14th!

Join Us at The Wiggle Waggle Walk & Run


Calling all walkers, runners and animal lovers!

Join us on Saturday, Sept. 9 for the 2017 Wiggle Waggle Walk & Run presented by Escape Manor. Sign-up as an individual or gather people from your work, school, circle of friends or family to create a team and help Ottawa’s animals together.

Don’t delay, register today

Thank You For Joining Us at the Garden Party!


We would like to extend a special thank you to the following donors who had donated items of a $1,000 or more toward the OHS Garden Party. Without their support, the OHS would not have been able to raise close to $80,000 to help nearly 10,000 animals the OHS cares for every year.

  • Ben Babelowsky – “Arrogan Coast” artwork
  • Chef Eric Diotte, Chef Michael Radford, Chef Ryan Edwards, Vins Philippe Dandurant Wine – Six course private dinner for 10 at the Chef’s Table with Wine Pairing at DiVino Wine Studio
  • Dr. Karen J. Dover, MD – Consultation for laser and cosmetic medicine and one coolsculpting treatment
  • Global Pet Foods – 150 pounds of pet food in celebration of Canada’s 150th
  • Peter Lefvbre – “Beach Scene” artwork
  • Peter Nicholson of WCPD – One week stay in a luxury ocean-view villa in Exumas, Bahamas
  • Philip Craig – “Dawn Snake Island” artwork
  • Rings Etc. –  14 kt gold 18” chain and champagne coloured diamond pendant
  • Senator Vern White and OPA President Matt Skof – Lunch and private tour of Parliament Hill with Senator White and OPA President Matt Skof
  • Top Shelf Distillery – Bottoms Up Weekend Getaway on Upper Rideau Lake and tour of the Top Shelf Distillery
  • Via Rail Canada Inc. – Promotional Travel Credit

Events Calendar
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Microchip Clinic
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Capital Pride

Wiggle Waggle Walk & Run by Escape Manor at Lansdowne Park

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