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January 2017
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Ottawa Humane Society

Ring in 2017 With Happy Adoption Tails From the OHS!
At the OHS, we’re lucky to see thousands of dogs, cats and small animals happily matched with new forever families every year. We especially enjoy getting updates on these happily-ever-afters from forever families, reminding us of why we love the work we do. Please enjoy a few of the many updates we received in 2016.


patches"Patches is a very lovable girl and she just loves kids. She is a funny dog who trips her self in her own legs sometimes.

She now knows what her treats are and when you ask her if she wants a treat she goes right to where they are and sits there. She is also starting to know her toys, ask her to get a ball and she does, ask her to get her shoe and she does. Here's a picture to show you guys how our puppy monkey baby is doing."


precious"Precious is a frisky, sweet, gentle cat and she has settled in very nicely. It took her a few days after her last dental check up to come out of her shell. She loves to play and is so gentle, she loves to show her belly for tummy rubs but it quickly turns to a hand attack without claws. She also highly enjoys watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air lol.

She is totally in love with her big sister Allie (72lbs German Shepherd) who couldn't be more gentle with her.

I refer to Precious as my dog cat because she follows me around the house like a dog and is constantly under foot.

This is a cat that wouldn't even look at me when I visited her at OHS and now look at her. We love her to pieces, she really is the perfect addition to our family."

Tim, Horton and Joe


"They’re doing really well! They’re now very friendly – I can pick them up and pet them very easily, and they enjoy eating their pellets and munching on hay (or on fresh grass from my backyard, in the summer). They also love tearing up a couple of cardboard rolls every night!

I did read a bit about gerbils before going and adopting them, but I still was a bit unprepared for how active gerbils are! It quickly became obvious that the cage that I already had at home wouldn’t work for them in the long term, so I did some research online and I special-ordered a large cage designed specifically for gerbils.

I wanted to take a photo with all three of them standing on the platform, but that proved impossible — these guys don’t stay in place for long — still, two out of three ain’t bad! The third one can be seen at the bottom of the cage, in the right corner."


buzz"Buzz is doing amazing. It is like we have had him forever. He had his vet appointment today to get his final shots and behaved exceptionally well. He has gained some weight since he left the shelter. Everything is going extremely well, we could not have made a better choice and are very happy with Buzz."

Buddy & Belle: Lumi

Life for a homeless animal on the streets can take a turn for the worse in an instant. That’s what happened to Lumi, a sweet tabby kitten, left horrifically injured after being hit by a car. Read Lumi's story and donate towards her medical bills...


"I recently brought Xavier to his forever home. We just wanted to say that he's adjusting well and he LOVES playtime! Here is a pic we snapped the other day upon his arrival — he's very candid as you can see."

National Cupcake Day
Warm Hearts Raffle — SOLD OUT

Our Warm Hearts Raffle is sold out for 2017! Stay tuned to hear who wins our Early Bird Draw on Jan. 13, 2017 and Grand Prize Draw on Feb. 14, 2017.

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