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The OHS is Here for All of Ottawa’s Animals in Need

When thinking of the nearly 10,000 animals the OHS cares for every year, dogs, cats and small animals are probably the first to come to mind. But recently, the OHS cared for a pot bellied pig.

The pig, named Bobby by OHS staff, was brought to the OHS after he was found wandering in a park in south east Ottawa. After no one came forward to claim Bobby, the OHS began the search for a farm sanctuary to place him with, as keeping pot bellied pigs as pets is prohibited in Ottawa. The OHS cared for Bobby for two weeks before he was neutered in the OHS clinic and placed in a sanctuary.

Many people acquire pot bellied pigs not realizing how large they can grow or the amount of care they require. Pot bellied pigs are usually sold when they are young and small — pigs can live up to 15 years and can weigh up to 250 pound when they are fully grown. Pigs also need a varied diet and pig feed isn’t typically sold in pet stores. They consume much more food — and produce more waste — than a dog. They also require specialized veterinary care and grooming services which can be difficult to find in a city.

Sadly, when the novelty of owning a pot bellied pig wears off, animals like Bobby can be left out in the cold. Because of your support, the OHS was there for Bobby when he had no where else to turn. Help us be there for the next animal in need.

The Return of Jingle

HI FRIENDS! It's me, Jingle! I'm so excited that Santa sent me back to the Ottawa Humane Society this year! Last year I got into a lot of mischief, but had so much fun showing you around the shelter and introducing you to all sorts of animals.

I was sunning myself on a beach at the end of November when I got the call from Santa. "Jingle," he said in a serious tone. "I need to send you to the Ottawa Humane Society a few days early so you can watch over an orphaned kitten who needs some extra TLC."

"On my way Santa!" I packed away my swim trunks and sunscreen, and hopped on the next reindeer ride to Ottawa.

Meet Cindy Lou Who, a four-week-old kitten who was found on the cold streets. Dirty, scared, and hungry, Cindy Lou Who is getting the help she needs to have her second chance. She is one of 664 animals in the care of the OHS right now — click here to read more about Cindy Lou Who and find out how you can help animals like her this winter.

Cindy Lou Who

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Surprise Your Kids This Holiday Season With a Pet and Make A Homeless Animal’s Dreams Come True

There are no greater memories during the holidays than those spent in love and laughter with your family. The animals available for adoption at the OHS couldn’t agree more as the top item on their wish list is having a family to call their very own.

With our Holiday Delivery Program, our holiday elves will help you find the best match for your family and set up a magical holiday delivery, which can be arranged for Christmas morning as well as any of the nights of Hanukkah. Regular adoption procedures apply in addition to a delivery fee, but don’t worry, our elves are really good at making sure your holiday surprise stays secret. To learn more, please call 613-725-3166, ext. 258 or email adoptions@ottawahumane.ca. 

Buddy & Belle: Sadie Mae

sadie mae

Sadie Mae arrived with horrific gunshot wounds to her face. Read about her recovery, and help her heal.

Hills Food Shelter Love


Watch this video to learn how OHS partner Hills helps transform the lives of shelter pets.

Santa Pet Pics

Santa Pet Pics

Santa Paws is coming to the Ottawa Humane Society! Mark your calendars and bring your furry friends and family to have your photo taken with Santa. All proceeds will support the animals in the care of the OHS. Participants will also receive a promo code for an exclusive offer from our presenting sponsor – Petplan Pet Insurance. When you purchase a Petplan policy before Dec. 31 using your promo code, you will save 10 per cent on your policy and also receive a complimentary BarkBox or Meowbox! Don’t miss your chance to see Santa and receive your free promo code! See you this December, HO HO HO!

Warm Hearts Raffle

Tickets for the Ottawa Humane Society’s 2018 Warm Hearts Raffle are available now! To purchase your ticket please call 613-725-3166 ext. 238, visit us in the OHS Buddy & Belle Boutique, or fill out our ticket order form. Completed forms can be emailed here or mailed to:

Ottawa Humane Society
245 West Hunt Club Road
Ottawa, ON  K2E 1A6

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