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august 2017
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Never Leave a Dog in a Hot Car


As we head into August, we are asking you, our supporters, to help us make sure no dog is ever left to suffer in a hot car again. 

It’s only through educating our community and spreading the word that we can make sure the animals in our community are safe all summer long. 

The temperature inside a car can quickly climb, turning it into an oven in minutes.

A dog inside will begin to pant, drool, suffer increased heart rate, vomit, have seizures and could even die.

The dog’s brain may swell, he may have trouble breathing. The heat may affect all his organs, including his heart, weakening the muscle until the poor dog goes into shock.

The solution? Never leave a dog in a hot car. Even a couple minutes can have grave consequences. And if you see a dog in a hot car what should you do? Remember to T.A.N. See the story below for details. 


Take information. Note the make, model and licence plate number of the car, the exact location of the car and description of the dog: breed, colour, size etc. Remember that windows cracked open do not significantly reduce the internal temperature of a car.

Assess the situation. How long have you been present while the dog has been in the car? Is the dog in distress? Signs of heat distress include excessive panting with the tongue fully extended, stumbling, glazed eyes, disorientation, hiding in the foot well (which is the “coolest” place in a vehicle), convulsions/seizuring, and ultimately coma and death.

Notify authorities. Contact nearby stores and businesses. Ask them to make an announcement for the owner to return to their car. Get others to help you. If the dog is in distress call the Ottawa Police Service at 911. Stay on the scene to monitor the situation until the owner or help arrives.

OHS Spreads the Word About Dogs in Hot Cars in Our Community

dog in car

The OHS has been busy this spring and summer educating the community on the dangers on leaving a dog in a hot car, and what to do if you see a dog locked in a hot car.

So far this spring and summer, OHS volunteers have visited the following events hand out flyers and educate the community:

  • MacDonald Manor Resource Fair
  • Heatherington Heights Resoruce Fair
  • Spring into Safety at Kilbirnie Park in Barrhaven
  • VCA Pet Pantry and Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic at Morrison Gardens
  • Roadtripping with Rover presentation at Donnelly Ford Lincoln
  • CTV Morning Live
  • Scotiabank Theatre on City Park Dr

Help us spread the word by reminding your family and friends to never leave a dog in a hot car.

Buddy & Belle: Templeton


Templeton was brought into the OHS on July 12 by a very distraught bylaw officer who’d received a call about a kitten in life-threatening danger. What the officer found was horrific — one-month old Templeton was caught in rat trap and on the brink of death after eating rat poison! Read his story here.

Wiggle Waggle Walk & Run Team Showcase: BGIS Barkers


Wiggle Waggle Walk & Run Spokesdog Halle interviews Shelley Leblanc, team captain of the BGIS Barkers. Read the interview on the OHS blog.

Join us at the Wiggle Waggle Walk & Run

walk run

Become a Humane Education Volunteer


Are you passionate about animal welfare and responsible pet ownership? Do you enjoy working with children/youth? Do you have daytime availability throughout the school year? Visit our website to learn more about what it takes to become a Humane Education volunteer.

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